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PatternWatch Stocks is a weekly newsletter that provides the short and intermediate-term outlook for several stock market indices  and approximately 35 individual equities. PatternWatch Currencies and Commodities provides the short and intermediate-term outlook for gold, oil and key foreign currencies. PatternWatch Interest Rates provides the short and intermediate-term outlook for ten-year notes, short-term interest rates, and high-yield bonds. The goal of all three newsletters is to maximize subscriber value by providing either outright, ETF, or option spread trades for each market covered.

Weekly Words of Wisdom
In the 1/4
/16 issue we said the SPX most likely topped at 2135 on 5/20/15 and should decline sharply from here. We believe the Europeans will be unable to bail out Greece and that the "contagion" will spread to all the other countries, except Germany. Which country will be big story of 2016? Our work tells us that the big country defaults that will cause global panic are not Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, or Portugal, but none other than Great Britain and Japan! We further believe the British Pound will decline to $0.96 by the end of August 2016! These developments should cause the SPX to continue to decline to at least 1121 before a meaningful rally develops. Are we really forecasting this?
In our 1/4/16 Commodities Issue we stated that Gold topped on 9/2/11 at $1923.70/oz. and should now drop to at least $920 by the end of June 2016. How far will the SPX and Gold decline? What do we currently think, has this rally peaked? What trades do we recommend to take advantage of this advice? Find out in this week's issue. Subscribe today!
Breaking News:
12/31/16 - The stock market is completing its 81-year, 11-year, and 4-year tops at this very moment! Our work indicates that the Dow, SPX, and NASDAQ are about to experience drops over the next several months of at least 5000, 700, and 2000 points, respectively. These declines will be but the early tremors in what will prove to be a massive financial earthquake! Also, our commodity work has long been forecasting a collapse in commodity prices and a drop in light crude oil to $29/bbl by the end of June 2016.
Sample Issue
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