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Media Appearances

Below are links to recent appearances by Steven Frenkel in which he gave market forecasts:

January 15, 2008 on Gold

April 25, 2008 on the Stock Market

New York Society of Security Analysts

On 3/26/09 as a panel member on the Investment Process, Steven Frenkel gave the same presentation on the implications of a 75-year cycle top for the investment process that he had given one year earlier showing how all his hypotheses had come true and then giving some long-term forecasts for the next three years.

Wall Street Transcript

In a 5/4/09 interview, Steven Frenkel explained how he concluded in late 2006 that the 75-year cycle would be the predominant factor in technical analysis for the next two years, how it remains so now, and what this means for the markets and the economy.

Steve Malzberg Radio Show

Here I correctly forecast the stock market would go up, down, and up again between October and December 2008.
October 13, 2008

Here I correctly forecast that the stock marke would begin a decline to Dow 6904 and SPX 664 by the end of March 2009.
January 14, 2009

Here I correctly forecast that the Dow and SPX would bounce and then decline to 6250 and 634 by the end of March 2009 and then rally back to Dow 9000 and SPX 950 by the end of June. I also discuss how huge deficit spending will delay the economic recovery by one additional year for every $1 Trillion in deficit spending.
March 3, 2009

Here I correctly forecast that the Dow, SPX, and NASDAQ, then 8505, 912, and 1796, had not yet topped and would first rally and top at 9050, 980, and 1910 or higher, from which levels a huge decline would begin.
June 16, 2009

Here I forecast that the Dow, SPX, and NASDAQ will have one final rise and then  top by 7/31/09 at 9150 - 9275, 999, and 1999, from which levels it would then fall to lower than Dow 6250, SPX 600 and NASDAQ 1100 by October/November. In I addition I forecast that the stock market decline would be accompanied by a global economic collapse and commodity price deflation.
July 28, 2009

Talk of the Town - WATR 1320

Here I forecast that the top in the March - August 2009 rally was 8/10/09, that the Dow, SPX, and NASDAQ would drop 60% by November 2009, and that the worst part of the economic decline was just beginning!
August 12, 2009

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