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Subscriptions to PatternWatch

 # Issues  Title  Title  Title
   Stocks  Currencies & Commodities  Interest Rates
 Single Issue  $500.00
I-issue PatternWatch Stocks
I-issue PatWatch Curr & Commod
I-issue PatWatch Interest Rate
 4 - Issue  $1800.00
4-Issue PatternWatch Stocks
4-Issue PatWatch Curr & Commod
4-Issue PatWatch Interest Rate
 12 - Issue (Includes 1 free hour telephone consulting)  $4800.00
12-issue PatternWatch Stocks
12-issue PatWatch Curr & Comm
12-issue PatWatch Interst Rate
 24 - Issue (includes 5 free hours telephone consulting)  $9000.00
24-issue PatternWatch Stocks
24-issue PatWatch Curr & Comm
24-issue PatWatch Interst Rate
 52 - Issue (includes 10 free hours telephone consulting)  $16000.00
52-issue PatternWatch Stocks
52-issue PatWatch Curr & Comm
52-issue PatWatch Interst Rate

On-Site Consulting

  1. Provide the major trend of the stock, bond, currency, and commodity markets.
  2. Provide 5 to 10 ETF trades on a weekly basis to take advantage of the above trends.
  3. Appear on-site on a bi-weekly basis for a full 8-hour day to answer individual trading/market questions and conduct a meeting summarizing the economy, stock market, Fed  policy, or other trading questions.
  4. Conduct a 1-hour Q&A session via telephone or IM one day per week at 4:15 PM.

Fee - $2000.00/wk, minimum 4 weeks or $8000.00

On-Site Consulting - 4 wks

Telephone Consulting/Portfolio Analysis

Provide any of the above services whenever you need them. In addition we provide analysis of your portfolio, including buy, sell, hold, and price targets for individual portfolio positions.

$150.00/hr, minimum 1-hour.  Available only to subscribers of at least 4 wks. 12-wk subscription includes 1 free hour, 26-wk subscription includes 5 free hours, and 52-wk subscription includes 10 free hours.
Telephone Consulting - 1-hr

Technical Analysis Course

Steven Frenkel teaches you how to use the same technical analysis techniques that he uses to analyze the markets. After taking this course you should never again have to depend upon others to know if a stock or market is a buy or sell, or when to take profits or cut your losses.
12-week course, two 3-hour sessions per week  at a convenient, mutually-arranged location.

Individual - $4000.00
Tech Anal Course - Individual

5-person Group - $3000.00/person
Tech Anal Course - 5-person

10-person Group - $2500.00/person
Tech Anal Course - 10-person

Order Form

Use this form if you wish to pay via check. If so, please send a check for the indicated amount payable to Steven M Frenkel to: Steven M. Frenkel, 6 Maltese Drive, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. If you wish to pay via paypal, you do not use this form. In that case, click the buy now button for the indicated product located in the table above.

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  Single Issue PatternWatch Stocks- $500.00
  Single Issue PatternWatch Currencies & Commodities - $200.00
  Single Issue PatternWatch Interest Rates - $50.00
  4-Issue PatternWatch Stocks - $1800.00
  4-Issue PatternWatch Currencies & Commodities - $540.00
  4-Issue PatternWatch Interest Rates - $180.00
  12-Issue PatternWatch Stocks - $4800.00
  12-Issue PatternWatch Currencies & Commodities - $1440.00
  12-Issue PatternWatch Interest Rates - $480.00
  24-Issue PatternWatch Stocks - $9000.00
  24-Issue PattenWatch Currencies & Commodities - $2700.00
  24-Issue PatternWatch Interest Rates - $900.00
  52-Issue PatternWatch Stocks - $16000.00
  52-Issue PatternWatch Currencies & Commodities - $4800.00
  52-Issue PatternWatch Interest Rates - $1600.00
  Technical Analysis Course - Individual - $4000.00
  Technical Analysis Course - 5-person - $15,000.00
  Technical Analysis Course - 10-person - $25,000.00
  On-Site Consulting - 4 wks - $8000.00
  Telephone Consulting - $150.00/hr
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